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D.I.Y. Inspection

Some car owners never bother to open their car’s bonnet, let alone doing regular self inspections for their cars. Actually it is important to have a regular check on the 7 most important parts of your car. This is to ensure that your car is always in a tip-top conditions, which will ensure better values when trying to dispose them off later on. Do the regular self inspections at least once every fortnight. It will only takes about 5 – 10 minutes of your time per session. If needs replenishment, do so immediately.

7 most important parts of your car which needs regular inspections are as follows. Check:

1. Engine Oils or M-Oils
2. Water Level (Reservoir and Radiator)
3. Battery Water Level
4. Brake Fluids
5. Power Steering Fluids
6. Washer Fluids
7. Tyre pressure (spec can be found by the panel besides the driver)

If this done regularly, the conditions of your car would stay tip-top and the value is better.

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