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Why you must send your Perodua cars to an authorized service centre

Most 1st time car buyers tend to take the above for granted, as if not important to send their cars to an authorized Perodua service centre.   Put aside their ignorance.   They prefer to send their car for service to any unauthorized workshop.   Later on, when something happened to their cars, they are on the losing side for not able to claim warranty.

Others might be sending their cars for service for the initial 3 times, thereafter would prefer to go to any unauthorized service centre.   It is advisable to send your car to authorized Perodua service for the entire lifespan of your car.   Reasons being:

1.   Authorized Perodua service centre employs well trained mechanics or technicians to work, hence the quality of work is guaranteed.    Authorized Perodua service centre mechanics or technicians always undergo periodical skill trainings conducted by Perodua trainers, again their skill is up to date.

2.   Authorized Perodua service centre use genuine Perodua spare parts such as fully synthetic or semi-synthetic M-oils, filters and so forth.

3.   Authorized Perodua service centre maintains your service record, hence your service intervals will be regularized as our service clerk will remind you when it’s time to service your car.

4,     By sending your car to an unauthorized service centre would result in your vehicle warranty ‘Void’.

So, in order to enjoy the full advantage of your vehicles warranty, please send your car to Authorized Perodua Service Centre, below:

Otostabil Sdn Bhd,
(Perodua Authorised Sales & Service Dealer),
Sublot 1 & 2, Lot 912, Kemena Land District,
Jalan Bintulu-Sibu,
97000 Bintulu, SARAWAK.

Tel: 086-315219

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